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The Mexico showcase contains a pre-Colombian pyramid, which is a prominent figure in the skyline and is surrounded by landscaping designed to look like a Yucatan jungle. The pyramid was designed to look like the Aztec Temple or Quetzalcoatl, who is the god of life, at Teotihuacan. Inside the pyramid, artifacts from throughout Mexican history are on display.
One half of the Mexico showcase depicts the arid dessert regions at Cantina de San Angel. This area includes a 250 year old Yucca tree. The tropics of Mexico are also represented near the pyramid. To create this effect, horticulturalists have combined a wide variety of tropical plants, including Mexican fan palm, Moreton bay fig, orchid trees, and silver trumpet trees.


Upon entering the festive mercado of the Mexico showcase, which is called Plaza de Los Amigos, visitors are immediately taken by the colorful atmosphere. The great Mayan pyramid can be seen in the background as a nearby village scene, complete with smoking volcano, pleases the eye. The sounds of the rhythmic mariachi band, combined with the spicy scents of traditional Mexican cuisine, add to the authenticity of the showcase.


The Spirits in Wood village is surrounded by the city of Oaxaca. Here, Mexican artisans create wood carvings of humans, animals, and beasts. The fantasy involved in these carvings is a part of the Mexican heritage, with Oaxacan parents telling stories about nearby fantasy animals using these carving.


Visitors to the Mexico showcase have the opportunity to explore Mexico’s history on a boat ride through El Rio del Tiemp, or River of Time. This cruise lasts 6 minutes and includes tourism films, as well as scenes from Mexico’s past depicted by audio-animatronic dolls. This relaxing cruise is finished with a spectacular fireworks display that is augmented with amazing fiber optics.


San Angel Inn Restaurant in the Mexico showcase is sure to satisfy the need for spicy Mexican foods. Here, chicken, beef, and seafood dishes are served with traditional Mexican spices and sauces. Both lunch and dinner are served within this restaurant that overlooks both the plaza and boat ride.


The Cantina de San Angel is located outside of the Pyramid. This restaurant is counter service and caters to vegetarians. It offers fast food and a frozen Margarita bar.


Guests can also enjoy viewing authentic artifacts from Mexico by walking through the Art of Mexico. Mexican souvenirs can also be purchased from vendor carts within the Plaza de Los Amigos. Some of these carts include silver jewelry, home décor items, pottery, sombreros, worry dolls, toys, crafts, leather wallets, candy, blankets, handbags nd piñatas. Mexican style jewelry and clothing for women and children can be found at the Artesanias La Familia.


Donald Duck often visits the Mexico showcase, complete in sombrero and serape. He generally stops to sign autographs. To say hello to Donald, or any other cast member, in Spanish, say “hola” (OH-lah).


All of the Mexico showcase is wheelchair accessible.