Orlando attractions

Woody Woodpecker

For those with fond memories of Woody Woodpecker, the kid's roller coaster by the same name is a must see while at Universal.  Here, guests of all ages can climb aboard and enjoy a truly nutty coaster ride.


In the queuing line, young guests will enjoy pulling the various handles along the way.  Each produces a new sound that kids enjoy making over and over again.  There are also a number of little puzzles the kids can play out along the way.


Each train is comprised of eight cars with riders placed two per car.  The cars climb up to their 30 foot high point at the top of hill where Woody lets out his famous laugh.  From here, guests enjoy a number of twists and turns at a maximum speed of 21.7 mph.


In order to ride on this attraction, guests must be at least 36" tall.  Its relatively low speed and heights makes it a great introductory roller coaster for kids that have never been on a coaster, though it is still enjoyable for older guests as well. In fact, it is a very popular ride and, as such, a Universal Express Pass is available.