Orlando attractions

Wonders of Life

The Wonders of Life pavilion is encased in a golden done and features a 72 foot DNA molecule in front. The pavilion also contains a sensitive 14 minute film, called Making of Me, that takes a look at the birds and the bees. In the film, Martin Short goes back in time to see how his parents met, fell in love, conceived, and gave birth to him. This movie does, however, show an actual delivery, so parents need to decide ahead of time whether or not it is acceptable to them for their children to view the film.


Guests also get to join Buzzy, an amateur brain pilot, as he tries to pull the physiological team of a 12 year old boy together in the 17 minute Cranium Command. The pre-show contains an introduction to 'General' Knowledge training the brain pilots. The actual show takes place in a 200 seat theater and includes an audio-animatronic Buzzy. Dana Carvey and Kevin Nealon (as Hans and Franz from Saturday Night Live) work the heart in the body. Jon Lovitz portrays the right side of the brain, which is emotional, and Charles Grodin depicts the logical left side. The stomach is represented by George Wendt and the adrenal gland is depicted by Bobcat Goldthwait. The film explores how these parts of the body react when the boy meets a cute girl, when he defend her from bullies, when he is sent to the principal, and when he gets his first kiss.


The Body Wars simulator 'shrinks' visitors to the size of a cell as they engage in a microscopic journey through a body. The adventure, which takes place in a 44 seat theatre, explores the effects of a splinter. Guests learn about the immune system as they enjoy this 5 minute simulator ride, but it can tend to make visitors queasy.


The Fitness Fairgrounds are also found here. This is a collection of displays, shows, and hands-on exhibits. Included in the Fairgrounds is an exhibit of developments in health and medicine.


There is a height restriction of 40' and this ride is popular with teens.


A hidden Mickey can be found on the mural above Body Wars.