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Wild Arctic


Published: 31/07/2012


Wild Arctic is a simulator ride found within an Arctic aquatic habitat, making it a stark contrast from the warm and sunny Orlando climate. This is one of the more popular attractions at SeaWorld. Therefore, in order to avoid long lines, it is best to go on it first thing in the morning. In contrast, it is best to avoid the ride after the Shamu Adventure comes to an end because guests leaving the Adventure tend to line up for Wild Arctic afterward.


Once at the attraction, guests have two options. With one option, they can get on board a simulated helicopter ride that is quite futuristic in style. For those that don't do well on simulators, however, this portion of the attraction can be bypassed in order to enjoy the rest of the attraction.


In either case, guests are likely to wait in line for a while. A canopy and misters help to keep guests cool as they are entertained by monitors providing information about the life of the Inuit people.


Once guests wishing to ride the helicopter simulator are through the entrance, they enter a holding room that contains a large monitor. Here, they learn a bit more about the attraction before being moved onto their helicopter.


Once aboard the helicopter, the five minute journey is about to begin. First, the pilot introduces himself – but leads guests to believe he is not the most experienced of pilots. Then, the helicopter lifts into the air while warnings about the bad conditions are coming forth from the radio. Despite the warnings, the pilot continues with the ride.


The sites along the ride are incredible, including flying down low next to a family of polar bears. Then, the helicopter moves below the waters in order to view the sea life. Once back out of the water, guests find that the ice storm has become worse and quite dangerous. As a result, the pilot decides to land the helicopter on a glacier until the storm has passed.


Soon, the glacier gives out and the helicopter begins to slide down. As the pilot attempts to restart the engine, the helicopter is jolted repeatedly. Finally, the engine restarts and the pilot flies away.


Unfortunately, the winds are still quite strong and dangerous. Therefore, the pilot determines it will be best to fly through a crevasse. As the helicopter passes through the crevasse, the walls begin to give way and an avalanche ensues. Luckily, the pilot manages to make it back to the base station before becoming overcome by the avalanche.


Guests that choose the non-motion version of the ride will see the same film as those that take the simulator, but they will not be moved about.


After the film is over and the simulator ride is complete, guests step into an area created to feel and look as if it is truly the Arctic. The scenery is made even more realistic with the use of real ice.


One section of this area is created to look like the open arctic, with a domed ceiling that looks like the Arctic sky. There is also a bridge where Beluga whales can be seen swimming before guests walk through the ice caverns. After walking through the maze of caverns, guests arrive in a research station. Here, more animals, including polar bears, can be viewed through glass windows. On the next level of the research station, guests can see a giant walrus and the polar bears from an underwater viewing station. Finally, after exploring all there is to see at the Wild Arctic, guests arrive at a gift shop.


It should be noted that guests must be 42 inches tall or taller in order to ride the simulator.