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Universe of Energy

The Universe of Energy opened in 1982 and is powered by 2 acres of solar panels. The building itself is shaped like a wedge and contains dinosaur topiaries in front. It's major attraction, Ellen's Energy Adventure, provides visitors with an insight into the origins of fossil fuels, as well as their uses.


The pre-show features Ellen, who is voiced by Ellen DeGeneres, in the middle of a nightmare. In the nightmare, she is a contestant on Jeopardy and is pitted against Dr. Albert Einstein and an old college rival, who is voiced by Jamie Lee Curtis. Each question is related to energy, and Ellen knows very little. Her neighbor is Bill Nye Science Guy, and he takes Ellen on an adventure to learn about energy. They start the journey at the beginning of the Universe.


As the show moves to the 600 seat theatre, the theatre actually rotates and breaks into 6 'cars.' These accompany Ellen and Bill during their travels through the dinosaur age. Audio-animatronic dinosaurs help bring it to life. Smells and temperature changes are also used to add to the reality.


The entire show, from pre-show to end, lasts about 45 minutes. With the exception of the dinosaur area, children might not be very interested in this attraction.


Guests in ECV's need to be able to transfer to wheelchairs in order to enjoy this attraction. Assistive listening devices are available for guests who are hearing impaired.


Hidden Mickeys can be found in the fight scene that takes place between the T-rex and the stegosaurus. A large plant here is shaped like Mickey's head.