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Universal's Horror Make-Up Show



Horror aficionados will be thrilled to participate in the Horror Makeup Show where they get to see a number of props from their favorite horror movies up close and personal. 


Within the waiting room for this live action show, guests can enjoy exploring a number of props from Van Helsing.  Among these props is the laboratory table of Dr. Frankenstein, where guests can pretend to be the monster and have their photo taken as well. 


The show itself is filled with fun and laughter while also educating guests about how horror makeup and other effects are made to "come to life" on film.  Among those schooling guests on the ins and outs of horror makeup is a special effects "wizard," who enters the stage with a knife through his heart and shares an infinite amount of knowledge. 


The show continues as it shows a variety of horror movie clips from a number of different Universal movies.  As the clips are shown, guests are further entertained by a multitude of special stage effects.


With the different personalities of the actors in this show, each showing has its own unique twist and humor.  Regardless of the actors, guests enjoy seeing how make-up artists create the special effects used in many of the more popular Universal horror movies. 


The Horror Makeup Show does encourage audience participation.  In addition, one member of the audience is called up on stage to help with some of the demonstrations that take place.  It should be noted that the show does include some gory special effects and movie clips.  For this reason, it is rated as PG-13.  The hosts do alert the audience when particularly gory scenes are coming up, however, so children (or adults!) that may be frightened can turn away.