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United States

The American showcase contains a colonial-style mansion, rooted in the architecture of Boston's Old State House, Independence Hall, Colonial Williamsburg, and Monticello. 110,000 hand-made reddish bricks were used to construct the building. The floors inside the mansion are created using copper and marble. Quote from great Americans are found throughout the inside of the mansion, as well as art that depicts development of the United States.


Unique rose gardens are found around the pavilion and contain flowers named after U.S. Presidents. Inside, an a capella singing group, the Voices of Liberty, can be heard giving a 15 minute presentation on traditional American folk songs. This show is very popular and can be interpreted by Sign Language Interpreters at designated times on Early Entry days. A Sign Language Co-ordinator should be contacted two weeks prior to the visit by calling (407) 824-5217.


A collection of flags hangs overhead in the entry area to the theater. They each represent the United States somehow during its history. The 29 minute American Adventure show, which is hosted by Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin, takes a look at the ideals America was founded upon. The presentation blends audio-animatronics with images on a projection screen and includes a soundtrack performed by the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra. Six statues located on each side of the theatre represent Innovation, Individualism, Independence, Tomorrow, Discovery, Compassion, Heritage, Freedom, Knowledge, Pioneering, Adventure, and Self-Reliance.


35 Audio-animatronic figures are used in order to create scenes such as the Bostom Tea Party, the Pilgrims' arrival at Plymouth Rock, the Civil War and slavery, Washington and the hardships at Valley Forge, Alexander Graham Bell, and the writing of the Declaration of Independence. Assistive listening devices are available for hearing impaired guests, as is reflective captioning for the deaf. The theatre is accessible to guests in wheelchairs.


An outdoor stage and amphitheater, called the America Gardens Theatre, is located across from the World Showcase promenade. Western Sycamores are specially pruned in order to create an overhead canopy. Live shows are performed here. The gardens, in reds, whites, and blues, carry on the patriotic theme found throughout the showcase.


Liberty Inn, a counter service restaurant, provides hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken tenders, fruit plates, salads, apple pie and ice cream. Shoppers can enjoy a stop at the Heritage Manor Gifts shop, where they can purchase hand-made clothe and wooden items, glassware, hand painted porcelain, needlepoint samplers, toys, and American history books.


Hidden Mickeys can be found on the three holes on the girder in the foyer of the American Adventure. Behind the Statue of Liberty shown in the presentation, a cloud of smoke beyond the torch forms a Mickey. Another can be found in the lobby on the painting of the wagon train, it is above the front leg of the front oxen.