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Twister…Ride It Out


While waiting in the queuing area of Twister…Ride It Out, guests have the opportunity to see a number of props from the popular movie.  In the first section, guests stand in front of two large screens.  Here, guests enjoy a presentation put on by two of the stars of Twister:  Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt. 


Guests then move on to what appears to be the destroyed home of Aunt Meg from the movie.  Every detail has been attended to within the home.  In addition, guests once again have the opportunity to view scenes from the movie as well as get some information about how the film was made.  Additional films include home videos of tornados shot by amateur photographers.


Once to the main attraction, guests enter the Galaxy Drive-In from the movie.  Here, guests see parts of the double feature that is showing when the twister starts to come in.  First, it is seen from the distance and the wind and rain begin to grow stronger.  Then, it is right on top of guests and the rain really pours down.  Meanwhile, gas tanks are exploding and cows are flying through the air.  The exploding gas station also sends a huge fireball 30 feet into the air and the stage drops out, providing guests with one more scare before it is all over.


Despite the way it sounds, Twister….Ride It Out actually is not that frightening.  It does, however, become quite loud.  This can be overwhelming for some children.  The attraction is handicapped accessible and can get quite crowded.  Therefore, it is a good idea to take advantage of the Universal Express Pass.