Orlando attractions

Town Square Theater

Go backstage with Mickey at the Town Square Theater, as he signs auto-graphs and poses with pictures with his favourite people – his fans!


Mickey presents his own cabaret-style magic show here, and as you wait, in-teractive Houdini-inspired posters come to life, a rabbit in a top hat, munches on a carrot, and a bird disappears right before your very eyes!


In addition to Mickey, you can also meet Disney Princesses Cinderella, Belle and Aurora in this meet-and-greet location. And with Town Square Theater situated at the front of the park instead of the back (as was the case with Toontown), more guests will have a chance to meet Mickey earlier in the day. Mementos and gifts can be bought in the magic show-themed Box Office gift shop, with the Saw of Dread and Saw of Destiny showing off the gifts on sale.