Orlando attractions

Tomorrowland Transit Authority

The Tomorrowland Transit Authority was opened in 1975. This relaxing ride provides a welcome reprieve from a hot day. The ride, which lasts 10 minutes and covers a one mile long track, takes guests on a tour through Tomorrowland. The trains are powered by a linear induction system and magnets pull them along the track, making it unnecessaryfor the trains to have engines. As a result, the ride is both energy efficient and pollution free. The speed at which each section of five cars travels is 10 feet per second.


The tour takes guests through a portion of the popular Space Mountain and other attractions, such as Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin. Since this attraction is not a thrill ride, there are rarely long lines to get on. In addition, it is not a thrill ride, so it is a great option for those who can’t stomach roller coasters or other such rides. The views, however, are spectacular.


To get to the loading platform, guests need to step on a moving conveyor belt that traverses a steep incline. The belt moves at the same speed as the vehicle at the loading area, making it easy to load on and off. Each vehicle can accommodate four guests, with two riding backward and two riding forward. Guests must be capable of walking in order to participate in this ride.