Orlando attractions

Tommorowland Indy Speedway

Tommorowland Indy Speedway is one of the original Disney World attractions, having been with the park ever since it opened in 1971. The attraction consists of a 2000 foot rail track on which guests can drive mini sports cars. These gas-powered cars are capable of reaching up to 7 miles per hour, making the attraction most alluring to younger children. Children must, however, be at least 52 inches tall in order to drive alone, though shorter passengers can ride with an adult.  The 4 minute long ride, which covers a 4/10 mile long track, can seem longer if caught behind a slower driver. In addition, bumper rides are common as some guests driver slower than others. 


The attraction, which is found next to Space Mountain, has four lanes of track, but is still slow to load.  The line-up to exit the ride is slow, as well. Usually, the first loading area to the right is shortest when lining up outside the queue. The queue is an attraction in itself, as it contains replicas of Indianapolis 500 racecars. It also offers a photographic history of Indy racing. 


The ride is accessible to guests in wheelchairs, though they must be capable of transferring from their chairs.