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The Triceratops Discovery Trail

The Triceratops Discovery Trail is a 10 minute walk through attraction that allows guests to encounter breathing, moving dinosaurs first hand. The queue leading to the area contains paddocks filled with machines, tools, and television monitors. Upon reaching the end of the trail, groups of guests enter one of the three paddocks containing the Triceratops. Each paddock contains a different Triceratops, which are named Chris, Cera, and Topper.


To add to the realism, Jurassic Park rangers are located within the veterinary area where the dinosaurs are located and supervised. Guests are able to tour the feed and control stations, where the rangers provide information about the 24 foot long, 10 foot tall gentle Triceratops located along the trail. With realistic breathing movements, the dinosaurs even react to guests with blinks, snorts, sneezes, flinches, and squeaks. In addition, they shift their weight back and forth, urinate, and pass gas. To add to the realism, their eyes dilate too. Each of these robotic dinosaurs weighs in at a whopping 10,000 pounds. The best time to visit this attraction is before 10:30 am and the entire area is wheelchair accessible.


There are no size restrictions, but guests who wish to pet Cera or Chris will have to be 48 inches tall to reach over the fence. Guests at around 40-42 inches can reach Topper.