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The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life serves as the icon of the Animal Kingdom Park. From a distance, it looks like a real tree, but upon closer inspection, the intricate detailing comes to light. In fact, it took an international team of artisans to design and cut out nearly 400 animals into the trunk and branches of the tree. Each image seamlessly leads to another while still appearing to have appeared naturally during the growth of the Tree. The browns and greens used to create the bark of the tree truly bring it to life and make it look real.


This 145 foot Tree is capable of withstanding the hurricane weather of Florida through a unique fabricating assembly designed for flexibility. The trunk is 50 feet wide and the branches span a total of 165 feet. The 45 secondary branches lead to 756 additional tertiary branches and 7891 end branches. In all, the Tree contains 102,583 manmade leaves, each measuring more than one foot long. A 430 seat theatre is also housed inside the Tree. Here, the show "It's Tough to Be A Bug" is shown.