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The Swiss Family Treehouse

The Swiss Family Treehouse, which is located in Adventureland, was opened in 1971.  This treehouse is beyond what most of us remember from our childhood as it incorporates all of the modern comforts, including running water. 


The Swiss Family Treehouse, which is the "home" of the Robinson family, is a minor attraction that offers a self-guided walking tour that takes about 10 minutes.  It does, however, require a great deal of climbing.  This can make the attraction difficult for some to maneuver and makes it inaccessible to those who can’t walk.  While climbing the steps, however, guests encounter a variety of detailed rooms with placards explaining the story of the Robinsons. 


The tour is pleasant and intriguing as the detail and handiwork is innovative and awe-inspiring.  Hammocks, patchwork quilts, a lantern, shell water-basins, a log book, and mahogany furniture are a few of its attractions.  Every detail, right down to the dinner table that is set and the open books, helps bring the interior to life. 


The tree itself is a replica of a banyan tree.  Its concrete roots are embedded 42 feet into the ground and its 300,000 polythylene leaves are scattered about its over 1400 branches.  Living Spanish moss hangs from its branches to add to the realistic look of the Treehouse.  At the top of the tree, visitors can look over Adventureland and get a great view of the Jungle Cruise river, giving the feeling of being in the middle of a beautiful tropical island.