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The Living Seas

The Living Seas, which is a part of Future World, strives to provide visitors with a greater understanding of humankind's dependency upon the seas. It also focuses on our past relationship with the seas, as well as the future.


An advisory board of oceanography experts helped design The Living Seas attraction. In the center, the largest saltwater aquarium in the world is on display. This aquarium is 203 feet in diameter and 27 feet deep. A man-made coral reef is found inside, as are various tropical fish, sharks, dolphins, and rays.


The Living Seas began showing exhibits following the Finding Nemo theme in 2004. In fact, 8 sculptures of Finding Nemo characters are located outside of the pavilion. Inside the pavilion, soft music plays and guests walk along a floor that gently waves. This serves to give guests the feeling of walking on waves.


Upon entering the pre-show standing area, guests have the option of going to the Hydrolators, which leads to the Sea Base Alpha, or to the Pre-Descent Briefing Room. In the Pre-Descent Briefing Room, guests watch a movie called The Seas, which lasts 7 minutes. These doors then open to the Hydrolators, which are capsule elevators that take guests to the ocean floor and past water and rock walls.


Level one of The Living Seas contains the Turtle Talk with Crush. This is an interactive show that features a computer animated version of Finding Nemo's surfing turtle. He has a 10 minute conversation with guests as he takes questions from the audience. Dory makes an occasional appearance at this show, as well.


Bruce's Sub House can be found next to Turtle Talk with Cruch. This is a hands-on play area that features other characters from Finding Nemo, including Chum and Anchor. Nemo and Friends! is also on this level. On this trip, guests can search for different types of fish (and their associated Nemo character). They can also explore the Great Barrier Reef display, the Can You Find Nemo? habitat, and Jellyfish. Guests can also climb into a diver's suit at The Life Support Systems Exhibit and Undersea Robotics or watch stingrays at Mr. Ray's Lagoon.


On level two, guests enter the Observation Deck, on which sea life can be viewed. The Manatees can also be visited here, as well as the Ocean Resource Exhibit.


The Coral Reef Restaurant provides a place to grab a bite to eat. Guests can dine in front of 50 foot long windows that are 8 feet high. Sea life that might be viewed while dining include a Cow-nose Ray, Brown Shark, Tarpon, Green Sea Turtle, and Grouper. Both lunch and dinner are served here.


Sea Base Alpha provides guests with shopping opportunities. Aquatic gifts and souvenirs are available, including those with a dolphin theme.


Assistive listening devices and reflective captioning are both available.