Orlando attractions

The Land

The Land opened in 1982 and, at a total of 6 acres in size, is the largest of all of the pavilions in Future World. In addition, the glass roof skylights make The Land quite attractive. Inside The Land, visitors can discover a fantastic food court, three attractions, and a tour. A Character meal restaurant is also located inside.


The themes of the attractions within The Land are environmental concerns and experimental farming techniques. At Food Rocks, visitors can enjoy a musical stage show. This show stars 'food' characters and conveys the message that it is important to be environmentally responsible in order to carry on the Circle of Life.


The 60 minute Behind the Seeds tour is a joy for gardeners. This walking tour takes groups of 12 through a tour of greenhouse areas. Questions are welcome and guests learn more about environmentally friendly technology, such as integrated pest management.


The Living with the Land boat ride explores farming, both past and future. This gentle 14 minute trip takes guests through an indoor plant growing area, and also provides an introduction to desert, tropic, and prairie biomes from before human existence. Soarin' is another spectacular attraction found here. With this attraction, guests are taken on a hangliding ride over the state of California. Fastpasses are available for both Soarin' and Living with the Land.


For a quick bite to eat, guests can enjoy food from the Sunshine Season Food Fair. At this food court, a variety of foods can be enjoyed. These foods include sandwiches, wraps, pasta, salads, soup, baked potatoes, barbeque chicken, baked goods, and ice cream.


The circular Garden Grill restaurant provides a more formal meal, as well as character dinners, lunches, and breakfasts. The restaurant rotates slowly as farmer Mickey hosts the family style meals. Breakfast foods available include: sausage, breakfast casserole, scrambled eggs, ham, biscuits and gravy, fresh fruit, cheese grits and French Toast sticks. For lunch or dinner, hickory-smoked steak, catfish, roasted chicken, smashed potatoes, gravy, vegetables (from the gardens of the Land), salad, biscuits and apple butter are available. Vegetarian meals are also offered upon request.


Shopping attractions include the Green Thumb Emporium, which is sure to be a hit with chocolate lovers and gardening enthusiasts. Environmental garden and kitchen gifts can also be purchased here.


Mickey sightings include one in Living with the Land, which is three circles at the bottom of the mural across from the loading area. Another is in the Circle of Life on the baseball cap of the man who is driving the harvester.