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The Eighth Voyage of Sindbad

The live-action Eighth Voyage of Sindbad stunt show takes place in an amphitheater capable of holding 1,750 people. The show, which is intended to be the sequel to Sindbad's seventh voyage, is performed on a cavern-like set that is decorated with wrecked pirate ships and other thematic scenery. One of the ships is even crashed right in the middle of the viewing area. A multitude of special effects add to the excitement, including 50 pyrotechnic effects, 6 water explosions, and a 10 foot tall circle of fire.


During the 17 minute show, the heroic Sindbad and his goofy sidekick Shish Kebob fight alongside Princess Amora to defeat the wicked Miseria and her brutes. Guests who wish to get wet during the show can sit in the splash zones located in the first two rows on the right and in the middle of the arena, which is by the well. The finale of the show is filled with explosives and spectacular stunts, including a stunt man becoming swallowed by flames. For added fun, guests should arrive early to enjoy the pre-show.


The show is wheelchair and ECV accessible. The show does contain loud sound effects, strobe effects, pyrotechnics, and fog effects. Guests with medical conditions adversely affected by such effects should avoid the show.