Orlando attractions

The Cat in the Hat

The Cat in the Hat, which is easily recognizable by the huge red and white striped stovepipe hat at its entrance, is probably the most popular attraction within Seuss Landing. In fact, up to 1,800 guests enjoy the ride every hour. Here, the story found in the book is retold as guests ride in 6 passenger seat vehicles created to look like couches with two rows! The wild adventure includes high speeds and 360 degree turns, which can be disabled prior to the ride by an attendant for those who suffer from motion sickness. Each spin is perfectly synchronized with all of the action, which includes a variety of audio animatronic props that can be found all around and above the rider.


The 3 ½ minute indoor ride travels through a 24 foot tunnel and incorporates 130 ride effects, 18 show scenes based on The Cat in the Hat book, and 30 audio animatronic figures, much to the delight of both children and adults. As a result, the story of the boy and girl who overrun by the Cat in the Hat while their mom is running errands is told. Scenes in which the riders are placed are the swirling of the toilet as it is being flushed and clothes spinning wildly inside a dark closet.


The exit to the ride leads to a gift shop. Merchandise and souvenirs related to the ride can be found here, including t-shirts, games, and Cat in the Hat tables and chairs.


The best time to avoid lines for this ride is before 11:30 am. Guests under 48" must be accompanied by an adult and the adult should hold on tightly during the spins! Baby Swap is an option with this ride. Guests who choose this option can take turns riding while one guest stays back with the non-rider. Those who choose not to ride can wait inside an air-conditioned area between the loading and unloading stations. This area contains wood benches a windows overlooking the unloading dock.


The ride is wheelchair accessible. Due to the sudden turning, spinning, and acceleration, the ride is not recommended for pregnant women or guests with neck, back or heart conditions. In addition, guests who suffer from motion sickness should avoid the ride.