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The Boneyard

The Boneyard, which is intended for children 4 and older, is located just beyond the Oldengate Bridge. This interactive playground is both educational and fun for kids of all ages, though adults may find it difficult to fit through some of the play areas that have been scaled for children.


In one area, guests can participate in a dig for fossils in a replicated dig site, complete with tunnels, rope ladders, and slides. There are also archeologically correct dig site facts and notes along the walls in the area. The floor of the area is soft and cushioned, making it a safe area to play. Doors can be opened, crates can be peeked into, and dinosaur footprints can be explored.


A nearby sandbox filled with a no-stick variety of sand called "Texas Grit" is also located nearby. Guests can take the archaeological adventure a step further by digging for the fictitious remains of the woolly mammoth – which dates back 10,000 years. The sandbox is periodically closed throughout the day in order to rebury the bones for the next group of diggers.


The Xylobone is another interesting attraction in this area. This set of fossilized rib bones is set inside the wall behind the jeep located in the playground. Knocking on the ribs will result in musical sounds.


A hidden Mickey is located in the soft ground covering by the drinking fountain. All of the Boneyard is wheelchair accessible.