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The American Idol Experience

The American Idol Experience offers aspiring pop stars the chance to take part in a talent show inspired by the famous American Idol TV programme. Guests can watch, perform and vote for favourite singers.


The over 14's can audition before a Disney casting director, who judges sing-ers on their ability and confidence in performing in front of an audience. Se-lected singers advance to a second round for an audition, and choose between pop, country, rock, Latin, R&B as well as Disney songs and then audi-tion again, this time with pre-recorded music. 


The attraction features a number of preliminary shows each day, with one fi-nale show in the evening. At each preliminary show, guests perform before a live audience inside the attraction's main theatre, designed to resemble the television show's stage. Using electronic keypads at their seats, the audience votes for their favourite singer, who will return for the final show of the day. Each day's final winner receives a "Dream Ticket" that will allow him or her to bypass the queue at one of the regional American Idol auditions for the television show, provided he or she meets the show's age and residency requirements.