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Test Track

Test track, which opened in 1998, was the result of a partnership between the Disney Imagineers and General Motors Engineering.


In the queue area, visitors are treated to displays of safety checks, such as air bag testing, electromagnetic chambers, impact resistance, and crash test dummies. Demonstrations of how seatbelts, tires, and breaks are safety tested are also on display. The entire area is set up to look like a testing laboratory.


The four minute vehicle safety pre-show gives a hint about what to expect with the ride. Then, guests are placed in 6 passenger open cars in order to embark on the 5 minute ride. The ride begins with a 3 story climb up a steep hill, then goes barreling over a cobblestone surface. The car then spins out, as it does not have anti-lock brakes. Then a second trip is taken with ABS. With this ride, visitors experience driving in extreme climate conditions in the Environmental Test Chamber and ultimately crash through a wall. The wall leads to the outside track. Here, visitors drive on an outside track with hairpin curves at up to 65 mph!


The post show is in the Driver's Technology Laboratories, which contains a driving simulator, as well as a simulation of a car assembly and a display of the latest GM cars. The attraction also contains its own shop, which contains automotive collectibles and merchandise.


Children under 7 cannot ride Test Track without adult accompaniment. There is also a 40' height restriction limit. A single rider option is available, as are Fastpasses.


Many hidden Mickeys can be found on this ride. One is the Mickey Pez dispenser in area 2B on the workbench. Three washers that form the shape of Mickey's head can be found in area 8B on the white workbench. The Corrosion Room has an image of Mickey in the rust and the Cold Room has a Mickey image in the frost on the wall.