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Terminator 2 3-D: Battle Across Time


Terminator 2 3-D Battle Across Time is a 3D movie and live theater show that takes guests on an exciting adventure.


Upon entering the building, guests find that they are inside the Cyberdyne headquarters, which was the company responsible for creating the terminator.  Here, guests are briefed and receive their 3D glasses.  Guests also watch a presentation from Cyberdyne that proclaims all of the good it will do for the world when its new creation is put online. This transmission is then interrupted by Sarah and John Connor.  The two proceed to explain what will really happen when the new creation, called SkyNet, is allowed to be put into place – namely, the fact that it will turn against man and that SkyNet has already attempted to kill John Connor with its cyborgs.


Following the presentation, guests are seated inside the theater where they are about to witness yet another presentation.  This presentation shows the Cyberdyne Terminator and demonstrates its accurate targeting system.  Therefore, guests are asked to put on their safety visors, which are the 3-D glasses.


Sarah and John Connor soon come through the ceiling in an attempt to prevent the demonstration from taking place and to destroy SkyNet once and for all. The T-1000, however, plans to stop this from happening.  The T-800, which is the model that was depicted by Arnold Schwarzeneggar in the movies, comes to help the Connors. 


The battle begins on stage but then starts to take place onscreen.  Here, John Connor and the Terminator travel to the future so they can destroy SkyNet.  Along the way, the duo comes in contact with a number of other T-800 models that wish to destroy John.  Guests also travel along with the two on the back of a motorcycle as they come in contact with mini-hungers, T-1000 models, and the heart of SkyNet.


The ultimate foe to be encountered is the T-1Million.  This model is neutralized with a plasma gun blast and John and the Terminator return home through a time portal.  The Terminator then sacrifices himself once again as he blows himself up along with SkyNet.


The film used for Terminator 2 3-D Battle Across Time was actually directed by James Cameron and reportedly cost $60 million to shoot.  The theater is handicap accessible and the action – both onscreen and off – can easily be seen from anywhere in the theater.