Orlando attractions

Studio Backlot Tour

Go behind the scenes and see how the movie magic is made on the Studio Backlot Tour. Get ready for a close-up view of how pyrotechnics and water tanks are used to create battles and storms at sea, and get a hands on chance to try it yourself. You'll see props from the big Hollywood films such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Pearl Harbor here too. 


Then board an open-air, 200-seater tram and go for a tour of the backlot where lifelike sets seen in familiar television shows and movies mix with pro-duction bungalows and vehicles used in Disney movies. You'll see set design, costumes, props, lighting, and the movie set for Catastrophe Canyon. Experi-ence a flash flood as a water tower crashes to the ground, and an oil tanker explodes into a mass of smoke and flame – the backstage workings of a ca-tastrophe!


Taking a quieter route, you then ride through the Streets of America back lot. Take in the sights of New York Street, with its brownstones, marble, brick, and stained glass, that are expertly-created from painted fibreglass and Styrofoam facades. Fixed on grips, the Empire State and Chrysler buildings can be moved out of the way, anytime. Then take a leisurely walk along the Streets set after exiting the tram to see the San Francisco and Chicago side streets.