Orlando attractions

Storm Force Accelatron

Storm Force Accelatron is a family ride that can be found behind Cafe 4. When entering this spinning cups type attraction, guests learn that Storm, who is the mistress of weather, has asked Professor Xavier to assist her in defeating the evil Magneto. Storm and Xavier know they can't do this alone, so they ask for help from the park's guests.


Guests then climb aboard Xavier's inventions, circular, powered yellow or purple orbs that are capable of converting human energy into electrical forces. This attraction spins wildly at 360 degrees and is covered by a brightly colored dome. The attraction itself is covered, which helps block out the Florida sun.


The human energy resulting from the spinning action of the 1 ½ minute ride is transferred to the central core, which creates a thunderstorm to defeat Magneto. The one of a kind soundtrack helps inspire guests to gather the strength to defeat the evil Magneto. It is especially fun at night when special light effects are visible.


The lines are never long at this attraction, so it is a good one to visit when the more popular rides are filling up or when passing time until a Universal Express pass time.