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Stitch's Great Escape

Stitch's Great Escape was opened in Tomorrowland on November 16, 2004. This attraction took the old Flight to Mars attraction and revamped it with the Lilo and Stitch theme.


At Stitch's Great Escape, guests must be at least 38 inches tall to participate. There are two pre-show stops with the attraction. These stops feature animated versions of Lilo and Stitch and provide information to help build up the show. Pre-show announcements are made by Pleakley and Captain Gantuu makes is available, telling guest to be brave. The Council Woman is also present at the preshow, providing security information to guests. Guests are also briefed by a robot named Sarge.


The ride itself takes place during the time after Stitch was discovered by the Galactic Federation, but before the occurrences in the Lilo and Stich movie. Once in the ride, guests are told that they are recruits to an intergalactic security system who are responsible for the transportation of space criminals to a more secure location, called Experiment 626. The transporting device is demonstrated during one of the two pre-show stops.


As recruits on Stitch's Great Escape, guests are responsible for watching over level one criminals because they are not yet ready for level two. Before making it to the transportation room, however, guest are informed that a level three criminal is being sent. Therefore guests must hurry into the room because it will take everybody to handle this criminal.


After entering the room, guests are seated in a theater. A device is lowered onto each guest's shoulders. It is necessary to follow the directions for this device, as the full effect of the show will not be experienced otherwise.
The theater does get very dark, and there are some scenes that are both funny and scary, so young children might become frightened by these scenes. The attraction does a multitude of things to bring the experience 'to life.' In fact, those who sit in the first few rows might get 'spit' on by Stitch. There are also excellent lighting effects and audioanimatronic figures put to use. Throughout the performance, Stitch performs his usual antics, such as bouncing around and generally creating mayhem.


The entire show takes about 18 to 19 minutes from beginning to end. The minimum height requirement is 40 inches. When the show is over, guests enter into a shop selling a wide array of new Stitch merchandise. The FastPass is available with the attraction.