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Stingray Lagoon


Stingray Lagoon is an aquatic habitat that provides guests with the opportunity to get up close to Stingrays – close enough that they can actually touch them.


The lagoon is essentially a large, shallow pool that has been specially designed to make it possible for guests to lean over and touch the Stingrays as they swim.  Guests can even feed the Stingrays if they visit the lagoon during feeding time, though it costs $4 to purchase one o the trays filled with small fish.  For guests with Annual Passes, the fish can be purchased for a dollar less.  There are wash stations located nearby for guests to wash their hands after feeding the Stingrays.


Although Stingray Lagoon is quite popular and generally attracts large crowds of people, guests tend to move through the attraction fairly quickly.  Therefore, it doesn't take long to reach the lagoon and have a chance to touch the Stingrays.