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Star Tours - The Adventures Continue

The Star Tours attraction, which is based on the Star Wars series, was created through a collaborative effort with director George Lucas. It can be found just beyond Echo Lake. During peak season, the queues for the attraction have been known to stretch all the way an outdoor area created to look like an Ewok village located on the moon of Endor. Guests ascend ramps when entering the building, then move on to a pre-show depicting C-3PO, R2D2 and other droids servicing a fleet of spacecraft.


The ride itself, which takes place on a StarSpeeder capable of holding 40 passengers, utilizes flight simulator technology. This is combined with action film footage to bring the adventure to life. RX-24, who is a "pilot-in-training," takes guests on a wild 10 minute journey, where they encounter several mishaps because the droid isn’t quite used to its programming yet. Adventures include dodging comets, icy asteroids, and imperial fighters. The StarSpeeder also gets caught in a Star Destroyer's tractor beam. Star Wars characters, such as Chewbacca, can sometimes be seen outside the attraction.


A gift shop, Tatooine Traders, can be found outside the attraction. It is modeled to look like a Mos Espa village. It features memorabilia from all of the Star Wars movies, including toys, t-shirts, posters, mugs, books, and stuffed creatures.


The back row tends to be the roughest area to sit, although it also offers the best view. A smoother ride can be found in the middle or toward the front. Expectant mothers and people with back or neck problems should not take this ride. Long lines are common at this major attraction, but the FastPass is available. Also, the left queue is generally shorter than the right if both queues are open. Guests must be at least 40" tall. Children under 3 are not permitted to ride and those under 7 are not permitted to ride without an adult. The switch off option is available for the ride. Guests in ECV's must be able to transfer to a wheelchair to enjoy the ride. Reflective captioning is also available for those with hearing difficulty.