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Spaceship Earth


Spaceship Earth, which was opened in 1982, is a total of 165 feet in diameter and 180 feet high. This magnificent geosphere is the landmark of the Epcot Center and weights an incredible 16 million pounds!


The ride inside Spaceship Earth is narrated by Jeremy Irons and explores the history and the future of communication. The exploration begins with the Cro-Magnon man, and then progresses to a Phoenician scene. It then goes on to discuss the impact Roman roads had on the future of communication, as well as the Benedictine monks' reproduction of religious manuscripts. The journey then takes visitors through the Renaissance period and the Sistine Chapel ceiling to more modern convenience, such as telegraphs, telephones, radio, televisions, motion pictures, and computers. At one point, the seats rotate to reveal a star-filled sky. Guests then travel backwards and they go into the future. The ride then explores communication possibilities of the future.


While enjoying this ride, guests are treated to detailed audi-animatronic technology. Scents, such as musty smells at the beginning of the trip and the smell of smoke as Rome burns, helps to bring it further to life. The hieroglyphics included in the attraction are authentic and period pieces utilized are reproductions of originals. At one point, the seats turn around.


This 17 minute ride is fast to load and tends to be more popular with adults than with children. Nonetheless, it is a major attraction that often has long lines.


After the ride is complete, guests explore the Global Neighborhood Exhibit. This playground displays the latest in communication technology, featuring video telephones.


Gateway Gifts at Spaceship Earth offers basic Disney logo items. In addition, the Camera Center is located in Spaceship Earth's west support leg. Film developing and sales, as well as minor camera troubleshooting, can be purchased here.


The hidden Mickeys can be found by during the scene in the boy's room - take a look at the cap and at the clock. Another can be found in the Renaissance scene on the page of a book behind the monk who is sleeping. Also, check out the constellations for another hidden Mickey!


Guests in wheelchairs need to transfer from their wheelchairs in order to enjoy the Spaceship Earth ride. Assistive listening devices and reflective captioning is also available.