Orlando attractions

Space Mountain

The 180 foot high Space Mountain, which can be found in Tomorrowland, was opened in 1974.  With a diameter of over 300 feet, it is one of the largest 'mountains' in the state of Florida.  The ascent on the concrete and white steel ramp inside the attraction is filled with futuristic exhibits and space age music, though some of these added attractions are somewhat outdated.  Nonetheless, the 3 minute long Space Mountain indoor roller coaster ride remains one of the most popular attractions at the Magic Kingdom. 


The queuing area for the attraction is dimly lit and quite long.  Once guests get near the loading area, called the Space Port, visitors can hear the shrieks from excited riders.  While waiting in the dark for take off within the 6-car rockets of the attraction, guests are amused with a pre-show 'broadcasted' by the Planetary Network News, or PNN.  This show takes a look at outer space sports, news, and weather. 


Once the ride begins, guests enjoy 28 mile per hour plunges and high speed turns after going through a dark tunnel containing strobe lights and colors.  For these reasons, however, the ride is not recommend for people with neck or back problems.  It's also not a good idea to go on the ride soon after eating.  In addition, very young children may not handle the ride well.  After the ride is complete, the escalating ramp takes guests past a post-show with entertaining FedEx type commercials.


The ride is slow to load and has a 44' height restriction.  Also, an adult must accompany any child under the age of 7.  The park does allow for a parent 'switching off' option.  Cast members located at the entrance to the ride can be asked for assistance with this process.  In addition, guests who use ECV's need to be capable of transferring to a wheelchair in order to enjoy this ride.  It should also be noted that control tower is capable of carefully monitoring the ride through the duration of its execution.  If there are any problems, or if there is inappropriate behavior inside the ride, control tower will shut it down.


Since the Space Mountain ride is so popular, it is best to try to ride it late at night or during parades when crowds are smaller.  The Fast Pass is available for this ride, as well.  To get to the ride faster when in line it is also a good idea to always look for which line is shorter, rather than simply following the person in front to the left or right queue.  The ride is also a part of the Magic Kingdom's Extra Magic Hour, which is a perk to those staying in Disney Resorts.  During the Magic Hour, Resort guests can enjoy the attractions an hour before the park opens to the general public.