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Shrek 4-D

Shrek 4-D is a 4-D show located in Production Central that helps bring the characters from Shrek alive through the magic of 3-D glasses and 4-D effects.  The movie takes place in Far Far Away and the story takes place in a time sometime after the first movie but before the second. 


The queuing area leading to the actual show is entertaining in itself.  Through the line, guests can pass the time away by watching clips from the first movie and by looking at various flyers, posters, and news articles laid out along the way.  Each of these extras help guests learn more about what is taking place in Far Far Away.


Once in the holding room, however, guests find themselves inside a torture chamber.  While in the chamber, they receive their OgreVision glasses.  In addition, guests find many of the characters from Shrek being tortured within the chamber.  For example, a wooden nose belonging to Pinocchio is held captive and the Gingerbread Man can be seen in a dungeon cam as he flees from captivity.  The Magic Mirror is also within the chamber and guests can see three sets of eyes, belonging to the three pigs, peering out from behind the crates in the wall.


Eventually, guests are instructed by a henchman to obey the rules of the theater and the magic mirror provides a brief summary of what took place in the first movie and sets up the movie about to be seen.  According to the mirror, Lord Farquaad has returned and he is looking to seek revenge upon Shrek and to claim Princess Fiona.


Once inside the theater, guests are whisked off to Far Far Away.  The movie begins at the honeymoon of Fiona and Shrek, but then Fiona is kidnapped.  From here, guests are whisked away through a haunted graveyard, take a horse-drawn carriage ride, and are sneezed upon by one of the characters.


After the show, guests exit to a gift shop.  In addition, they have the opportunity to meet with Fiona, Shrek, and Donkey at the end of the show.


The Universal Express Pass is available for this attraction, which tends to form long lines quickly.  All of the seats in the theater provide a good view of the show, though center stage is still the best view.  Guests in motorized transportation vehicles will be accommodated in the theater, though the greatest experience will be gained by transferring to one of the theater seats.