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Sheikra, which is the newest roller coaster to be added to Busch Gardens, rises an amazing 200 feet above the park, making it the tallest coaster in Florida. At a maximum speed of 70 mph, it is also the fastest. The ride also includes a 200 foot 90 degree drop, making it the first diving coaster in North America and the tallest in the world. In nature, a SheiKra is a blue and red African bird, which is known for diving straight down to the ground.

Before completing the first dive, riders are held for 6 seconds at the top of the ride. This adds to the overall excitement and anticipation for the drop that is to come. Guests also complete two other dives, though the angle is not as extreme as the 90 degree one. SheiKra also combines water, which splashes guests near the end of the ride. The red and blue ride, which is located in Stanleyville, covers a total of 3,188 feet and includes a drop into a tunnel. The 3 minute long ride ride is capable of running 5 trains at one time, with each train holding 24 passengers. As a result, the ride is capable of accommodating up to 1,500 guests per hour.

Since SheiKra is still so new, it is the most popular ride in the park. Lines are long all day long. It is best to get to it first thing in the morning to shorten wait time. Riders are unable to choose where they would like to sit on Sheikra, but the front and back are the best places to ride. In addition, riding on the inside of the row and the outside of the row provide different experiences.