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Shamu Rocks


Published: 31/07/2012


Shamu Rocks America is a live 20 minute show that takes place at night.  While the Shamu Adventure is primarily meant to be educational while also being entertaining, this show is put on purely for fun.


At the start of the show, guests see only smoke covering the top of the water as dramatic music is loudly played.  Suddenly, Shamu leaps 30 feet into the air from the water and through the smoke. From here, the rest of the show is very fast paced and quite exciting. 


Just as with the Shamu Adventure, those sitting in the Splash Zone during Shamu Rocks America are guaranteed to get soaked.  Therefore, those wishing to remain dry should avoid the bottom 14 rows. 


In order to situate themselves for a quick exit to the Bayside Stadium for the fireworks show that follows Shamu Rocks America, guests should sit on the far left area.  This way, they will be at the front of the exiting crowd.