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Serengeti Express Railway


The Serengeti Plain can be viewed as guests take a ride on the Serengeti Express Railway, the Serengeti Safari, or the Skyride.  In addition, a variety of walkways are put into place for park visitors to enjoy this beautiful wild land.  Located next to the Edge of Africa, the 29 acre Serengeti Plain offers spectacular landscaping that combines habitats from both the western and eastern portions of the Serengeti. 


Among the 150 species of vegetation included in this attraction are native and African grasses, as well as shrubs and scrub trees.  Larger berms, one of which covers 4 acres, combined with bluffs and rock outcroppings help create the look of natural formations.   Gorgeous mud banks and creek beds complete the look.  Animals that can be viewed here include zebras, giraffes, gazelles, antelopes, and ostriches.  Guests can also visit the giraffe barn, which is a massive 3,600 square feet and sits next to the even larger 10,000 square foot habitat.