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The orange and black Scorpion, which was built in 1981, is located 65 feet above Timbuktu. It features a 360 degree loop, a 60 foot drop, and a helix, reaching a maximum speed of 50 mph. An extra thrill is added to this ride by the fact that the only restraining device is a lap bar. It takes approximately 2 minutes, 15 seconds to complete the 1805 foot track.

The best time to hit this ride is after exploring the rest of the Congo area. The lines should only be about a 5 minute wait. Lines tend to be longer in the afternoon. On the plus side, the queue area is shaded. The front car of the ride provides the best views, while the back offers the greatest G-forces. This is a good starter ride for someone who is nervous about going on a roller coaster.

Each train contains 5 cars and four guests fit in each car. Guests must be 42" tall to ride. Tall guests may have difficulty fitting their legs comfortably in this ride. Scorpion also is not recommended for guests who are pregnant, who have neck and back problems, or for the elderly.