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Rhino Rally



Opened in 2001, Rhino Rally takes guests on a wild off-road adventure safari ride through the wild lands of Africa. This spectacular ride cost $25,000,000 to create – making it the most expensive ride in the park! This ride takes guests on a trip through the African savannah in jeep-like vehicles. Along the way, guests encounter wild bends, pot holes, and a variety of animals, including zebras, elephants, gazelles, birds, crocodiles, and rhinos. All of these animals roam freely within boundaries that have been cleverly disguised.

About halfway through the ride, guests cross over a floating bridge. Here, a flash flood knocks the bridge away – causing guests to be swept away by the river. In actuality, the bridge is a roller coaster, but the track is hidden beneath the water. Eventually, the river water washes away and guests head back to the station.

Lines form early for the Nairobi area where Rhino Rally is located. Therefore, long waits will occur no matter what time of the day guests attempt to enjoy this ride.