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Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride


Revenge of the Mummy:  The Ride is truly a technological masterpiece.  The ride combines the use of advanced animatronics along with high velocity magnetic propulsion systems and projected CGI effects to create a rid that is truly unique.  As such, Universal Express passes are available and are highly recommended.


In order to create Revenge of the Mummy: The Ride, research and developers needed ten years to create the effects and imagery it provides.  The result is a psychological thrill ride that gets the adrenaline pumping in each and every guest.


The preshow for the attraction, which involves clips showing how the film was made, is displayed on monitors throughout the area.  Guests also learn that they have been cast as extras in "The Mummy 3" and are the only extras left that have not already fled from the set due to the many strange occurrences that have been taking place.


The queuing area outside of an ancient Egyptian tomb.  Here, guests can become engaged in a number of interactive stations as they wait to board the ride.  From here, guests are loaded into a 16 passenger mine car.  The car slowly moves toward the tomb as a mummy warns guests not to enter for fear of the curse.  Imphotep, however, silences the mummy and guests move forward to the main room.


In the main room, a holograph of Imphotep tempts guests with the promise of unimaginable riches if they join him on his journey.  Suddenly, the room is lit up with enough gold and riches to make each guest a king or queen.  While tempting guests with the riches, Imphotep also warns them that they will meet their death if they dare to stand against him.  At this point, Mummy Warriors appear from the flames.


The car then moves faster along its track and nearly crashes into a stone wall.  From here, guests can see that scarab beetles are rushing across the walls and entering the room.  The car then jumps backwards in order to escape from the beetles as a mystical energy begins to swirl in front of the car.  The car then rotates to its right and begins moving toward an upward tunnel. 


Imphotep then comes back and tells guests that their souls belong to him.  The car then passes through Imphotep’s mouth and through a wave of smoke.  Guests are then thrust into total darkness with horrifying images and fierce music playing all around.


Finally, guests reach was appears to be the end as the woman in the control tower thanks them for the ride.  Then, she suddenly shrivels into a skeleton and the ceiling bursts into flames.  The ride then embarks in another series of turns and drops surrounded by frightening images.  Luckily, the gods allow the guests to be freed, although Brendan Frazier remains trapped by the Curse of the Mummy.


The Universal Express pass is available for this ride.  Although guests that are 48" or taller are allowed to ride the coaster, it can be a frightening experience.  Therefore, parents need to determine if the ride is appropriate for their child or not.