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Pteranodon Flyers

Pteranodon Flyers is located inside Camp Jurassic, but the two seater birds can be seen all the way from Toon Lagoon. This suspended roller coaster was created with the younger thrill seeker in mind. Each rider dangles from a pteranodon, which holds two guests. Within the pteranodon, guests can swing from side to side when the flight direction changes. At a maximum height of 65 feet, it also provides great overviews of Camp Jurassic. This 80 second ride moves along its 800 foot track at a relaxing pace and does not have any drops, but some younger riders may still become frightened.


Guests for this ride must be accompanied by a child between 36" and 56". This maximum height requirement was added to reduce wait time for the ride, which has a low riding capacity of only about 200 guests per hour. Guests taller than 56" who are not accompanied by a child can, however, ride shortly after the park opens and shortly before it closes. These are also the best times to avoid long lines to the ride.


Guests in wheelchairs must be able to transfer to the ride’s seating in order to enjoy the ride. Although this ride is a gentle coaster geared toward kids, it is still not recommended for pregnant women or guests with neck, back, or heart conditions. Those who are scared of heights or susceptible to motion sickness should also avoid the ride.


Baby Swap is an option with this ride. The waiting area is by the rides exit.