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Poseidons Fury

Poseidons Fury utilizes a variety of special effects and live action to thrill and delight park visitors. While walking through the ruins of this gigantic temple, guests used to be treated to watching as the gods Poseidon and Zeus battle it out. The weapons used by the two gods include use of 200 flame effects, 350,000 gallons of water, and 25 foot exploding fireballs. Now the story line has changed, and the guests are taken on an archeological dig along with their nervous guide, Taylor. Taylor is frantically searching for the professor, who will reveal his findings from a recent discovery. Every step gets guests closer to Poseidon.


One popular part of this attraction is a 42 foot water vortex tunnel, which is located in a cylindrical room called the Oracle room. Here, water swirls around at 90-100 mph as guests attempt to walk through. Guests who get in the middle of the group during this part of the attraction will get the best view of the vortex, which has a diameter of 25 feet, as it forms. A total of 17,500 gallons of water are sprayed through 42 nozzles to create the vortex effect. It takes 17 minutes to walk through the entire attraction.


Guests under 48" must be accompanied by an adult. The entire attraction is wheelchair and ECV accessible. Due to the sudden and loud sound effects, strobe lights, fog effects, and pyrotechnics, the attraction is not recommended for guests with medical conditions aggravated by fog effects. In addition, there are loud explosion and rooms are completely dark at times, which can be scary for children.