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Popeye and Blutos Bilge-Rat Barges

Set within the town of Sweet Haven, Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges, is a fun water ride that takes guests through some fairly rough rapids. While riding the circular 12 passenger rafts at a maximum speed of just under 11 mph, they enjoy following along as the story of Bluto trying to take Olive from Popeye unravels. Along the way 2,000 long water path, guests meet up with an 18 foot tall, 14 foot wide Octopus inside a cave. The octopus is holding Popeye with its 5 tentacles, each 10-12 feet long, and preventing him from reaching his spinach. At the same time, Sweetpea rests innocently on another tentacle! The fun is only enhanced by the use of fantastic audio animatronic versions of the cartoon characters as they battle it out.


With 200,000 gallons of water rushing through the river, all guests are likely to get wet on this ride. Water splashes along the sides and other park guests shoot at the rafts from Me Ship, The Olive. In addition, the ride takes a pass under a waterfall. Bluto’s Boatwash, which is filled with both water and bubbles, inundates guests as they go uphill to a grand finale 20 mph shooting out of the Boatwash. Due to the certainty of getting wet on this ride, any valuables should be stored in the covered area in the center of the raft.


This ride can handle up to 2400 passengers per hour. Despite the large accommodations, the best time to take this 4 ½ minute ride is before 10:30 am. Guests must be at least 42" to ride and those in wheelchairs must be able to transfer to the ride's seating. Due to the sudden acceleration, turns, drops, and jarring action, this ride is not recommended for pregnant women or guests with neck, back, or heart conditions. In addition, guests with plaster casts or those who are susceptible to illness from fog effects or motion sickness should avoid the ride.


Baby Swap is available for this ride. The Swap station, which tends to be quite wet, is located in a shaded area between the loading area and the exit.