Orlando attractions

Pirates of the Caribbean

The fortress of the Pirates of the Caribbean is located at the end of Adventureland, in Caribbean Plaza.  This attraction, which opened in 1973, features a pirate raid within a1700’s Caribbean island town.  In addition, the show depicts a rogues adventure.


The Pirates of the Caribbean does not provide a pre-show, but the wait in line takes place in cool underground caverns.  This offers a welcome break from the outdoor heat.  The walkway itself is long and winding and highly themed, including the sounds of cannons firing in the distance.  While taking the 10-minute boat ride, which holds 15 passengers, guests are treated to a short drop while floating down the dark river.  This can be frightening to small children, so parents might want to bring a small flashlight to help keep them from becoming scared. 


The Pirates of the Caribbean provides some of the best audio-animatronics in Disney World, including simulated cannonballs that are blasted around the boat.  The 65 audio-animatronic pirates and villagers and the 60 audio-animatronic animals and birds are very detailed, with varying facial features and authentic costumes.  Even the smallest details, such as hair on the pirate’s legs, are tended to.  A realistic audio-animatronic dog, cat, and donkey, as well as pigs and chickens, are also part of the show.  In addition to the amazing visuals, guests get to enjoy listening to the pirates as they sing "Yo, ho, yo, ho, a pirates’ life for me" throughout the trip.  Mr. Smee, Captain Hook, and Peter Pan can also often be seen at this attraction.


The attraction is quick loading and approximately 30 people can fit on a boat at a time, but lines can be quite long at times due to the ride’s popularity.  Wheelchair guests can enjoy the ride if capable of transferring from their wheelchairs to the ride.