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Pangani Forest Exploration Trail


The Pangani Forest Exploration Trail is the follow up attraction to the African Safari adventure. The walk through tour is designed to be enjoyed at an individualized pace and to provide guests with an awe-inspiring look at some of Africa's creatures. In fact, Pangani means "place of enchantment."


The 5 acre habitat contains bones, nests, and facts about the wildlife along the trail. The first observation post offers views of Okapi, Stanley Cranes, and Yellow-backed Duikers. The next post treats guests to a look at fascinating naked mole rats. These burrowing little fellas are very protective of one another and interesting to watch as they interact.


After exiting the hut the mole rats are housed in, guests enter into an aviary filled with free-flying birds of Africa. Guides are available to assist in identifying the different species. Some birds that will be observed here include red-bearded barbets, carmine bee-eaters, and Brimstone canaries.


Further along the trail, guests enter the African grasslands. Here, Guenther's dik-diks, antelopes, gerenuk, Thomson's gazelles, and meerkats can be observed. Guests can also watch the hippo as they swim underwater.


The lowland gorillas, however, are probably the most popular attraction to be found here. These silverback gorillas can be observed through a glass viewing area. Sometimes, the gorilla family found on one side of the trail prefers to hide in privacy, but they can also be found frolicking and playing with one another. On the other side of the trail, a group of bachelor silverbacks can be found. They often roughhouse as they battle to become the dominant male. Experts are available at each exhibit to answer questions.


All of the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail is wheelchair accessible.