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If you go down Diagon Alley in Hogsmeade village, you'll come to Ollivanders, Makers of Fine Wards since 382 BC. In this interactive experience, step into the dark, dusty shop and look up to the many wand boxes stacked right to the ceiling. Watch as a wand levitates from its box, and choses its own wizard. If the wand fitting doesn't work out, there will be interesting effects as a result, including flowers wilting, various bells going off in the shop, shop shelves fal-ling apart, and thunder and lightening outside the windows of the shop... If the right wand does choose you, more effects will occur, such as a lamp lighting up, and you will have the option to buy it or not.


There are 13 different types of wand wood to choose from, which are unique to the shop, and visitors' wood type will be determined according to their birthdate on the Celtic calendar. Wandwoods include reed, vine, oak, alder, and hazel.