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Myombe Reserve


The Myombe Reserve is a lush forest containing chimpanzees and gorillas. This natural African habitat provides a magnificent way for guests to view these interesting creatures. Often, the animals come up close to the glass. The gorillas, however, will not stare back because this is a sign of aggression. The Great Ape Domain is set among waterfalls, mist, and fog, helping to create the jungle atmosphere.

There generally are not large crowds at Myombe Reserve. The area cannot be visited, however, after sunset. It is a good idea to plan a visit around the "Meet the Keepers" show. At this time, guests can hear more about these interesting animals and learn more about their care. The usual times for this presentation with the gorillas is 12:00 and 3:15, while the usual time for the chimpanzees is 11:45 and 3:00. The board at the entrance will provide the times.