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Montu is the largest inverted roller coaster in the world and also contains several trenches. Themed after the Egyptian god of war, who had the head of a hawk, this innovative ride introduced many new characteristics to inverted roller coasters. Some of these characteristics include the Immelman, which is an inversion that starts as a climb of a vertical loop, then rolls passengers when the reach the top. It also introduced the batwing, which is an inversion containing a half corkscrew that changes to a half vertical loop, back to another half vertical loop and corkscrew, putting the rider back into the same position he started in. At the time of its creation, Montu also had the largest vertical loop of any inverted coaster, at 104 feet.


The longest drop on Montu is 128 feet and it reaches a maximum speed of 60 mph on its 3983 foot track. The ride tends to get full early because it is located near the park entrance. It is best to get to the turnstiles to the park entrance before it open, then head straight to the ride by making several right turns. The front row provides great views of the walls and trenches. It also feels faster up front. The back seat provides more airtime from the first drop. The 3 minute ride reaches a top speed of 60 mph as it travels over a 3983 foot long track. It can accommodate up to 1710 riders per hour.


The minimum height to ride Montu is 54". Shoes are also required. Guests wearing sandals must take them off and place them on a special shoe rack. Guests who are pregnant, injured, or elderly should not ride Montu. In addition, special seating is available in the middle of the train for larger guests.