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Monsters Inc Laugh Floor

Inspired by the Disney-Pixar film Monsters Inc, the Laugh Floor is a 400-seat theatre presenting animated kids’ comedy shows. Using digital puppetry technology, computer-rendered monsters appear on the main screen while actors provide the real-time voices. Guests enter the monster world via a door the monsters have placed in Tomorrowland. During their visit, guests will be entertained by Monsters, Inc's top comedians, where laughs will be collected and converted to electricity.


The Laugh Floor features two characters from the original movie, Mike Wazowski and Roz. Here, Mike is the "monster of ceremonies" and introduces the show's comedians. The most common characters are Buddy Boil, a purple monster with long eye stalks atop his head; a yellow, two-headed monster whose name changes based on who is performing the characters' heads at the time (common names are "Sam and Ella" or "Mac and Jeeves"), and Marty Wazowski, a smaller, orange version of Mike, and Mike's nephew.


Every performance at the Monsters Inc Laugh Floor is improvised and utterly unique, and there’s an interactive side too. Guests can text their jokes to the show before going in, which may be used during the show. As the show continues to evolve, more acts and jokes will be added and others will be retired based on guest reactions and feedback.