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Mission: Space

Mission: Space, which opened in August of 2003, is the newest E-ticket attraction to be offered at Epcot. Located in Future World, it provides guests with a unique trip that launches them into a simulated space adventure, including an exciting lift-off followed by a feeling of weightlessness.
This attraction is quite intense. In fact, many intensity warnings greet guests along their way to the attraction. To avoid getting sick, it is important to keep your head back and your eyes focused on the screen. Looking away or closing your eyes for a period of time can lead to a feeling of disorientation. In fact, a number of people in the 55 age group have been taken to the hospital after experiencing this ride.


When approaching the ride's pavilion, guests are treated to viewing three planetary objects outside the building. The first of these objects is the Planet Earth. It contains the "Mission Space" Logo and the image of a Space vehicle taking off. To the far left is a scale model of the moon, which contains markers depicting each of the 30 landing sites we have covered in our trips to the moon between 1959 and 1976. The third is a large red planet. This is where the entrance to the attraction can be found. Digital displays show the wait time for the attraction, though FastPasses can also be obtained for this ride.


Once guests enter the Mission: Space attraction, they are routed to a queue area. This area is intended to be representative of a futuristic International Space Training Center, with International flags hanging from the ceiling.


To begin the ride, guests go through a launch countdown. The ride includes some psychological nuances to help build the pre-launch tension. As the countdown nears launch time, the seats of the ride fall back into the launch position and face toward the sky. By this time, guests are entirely on their backs. As the craft lifts off, the engines roar and large G forces are created. Guests gain a feeling of increasing speed as the craft escapes the Earth's gravity.


The flight continues until guests have a feeling of weightlessness. Each four person vehicle receives a mission while 'in space,' and the outcome of the ride depends upon the team's performance. After the ride, families can enjoy games and interactive play in the post-ride area.


The post-ride area, which is the Advanced Training Lab, contains four main areas. The first area, the Space Base, is a play area with a space theme. The second area is Expedition: Mars. Here, a four minute astronaut mission, in the form of a joystick video game, can be enjoyed. The third area is called Postcards from Space. This area allows guests to send a short video e-mail with a space background and to create their own souvenir. Finally, Space Race allows two teams to compete against one another as they race to send their rocket from Mars to Earth. Nearly 60 people can play this game at one time!
The Mission: Space attraction was created by former advisors from NASA, as well as by scientists, astronauts, and Disney Imagineers. The technology used in this ride makes it the first ride to ever place guests in a straight up position while simulating a flight experience. In all, it took five years to create this attraction. After initial creation, it was manufactured by Entertainment Technology Corporation (ETC), which builds human centrifuges and training simulators.


Each of the four seats in the 'spacecrafts' is in a row, but dividers are between each seat. Each seat has its own over the shoulder harness, its own video monitor, its own sound system, and its own control switches. A great deal of attention was paid to the inside of the spacecraft, including a wide array of controls and other displays.
You must be 44 inches tall to ride Mission: Space.