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Men In Black - Alien Attack


Guests interested in becoming an agent with the Men in Black will be thrilled to participate in the interactive Men in Black – Alien Attack thrill ride located in the World Expo section of the park. 


In Men In Black – Alien Attack, guests first enter "The Universe And You" program.  Here, a program designed by the Men In Black begins, with the purpose of trying to convince the public that there is no such thing as aliens.  The program suddenly stops, however, and Agent Zed rushes the guests to an elevator in order to head over to the Men In Black Headquarters.


Once at the headquarters, which is a replica of the one seen in the movies, guests become agent trainees and are taken to the training vehicles.  The training is suddenly stopped, however, when the Alien Prison Transport crashes in New York.  As a result of the crash, a number of maniacal aliens and their weapons are released. 


The new agent trainees are closest to the site.  Therefore, Zed sends out his orders to kill the "alien scum."  From here, the agents engage in a high-speed chase of aliens through the streets of New York.  In the end, the agent trainees are swallowed by a 30 foot bug and must create energy by spinning quickly.  The energy created ultimately kills the bug and sets the trainees free.


The ending to the ride is determined by the number of aliens blasted, which results in final score.  Since the ending is determined by the score, there are a number of possible endings to this ride. For those that get a very high final score, it is possible to be promoted to a Men in Black Agent.


In order to get a high score, guests need to shoot continuously throughout the ride because there is unlimited ammo.  In addition, missed shots do not have a negative impact on the final score.  Furthermore, points are awarded for every ten shots taken – hit or miss. 


Guests can also improve their accuracy by shooting at targets that are further away because the laser shoots like a "cone."  Therefore, the further an object is from the gun, the greater chance there is of hitting it.  Shooting flat, smaller targets is another way to boost the score.  Similarly, shooting the same target multiple times will increase its point value.