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Manatee Rescue


The Manatee aquatic exhibit allows guests to spend time viewing the Manatees that have been rescued by SeaWorld from their natural habitats.  Sadly, their habitats are shared by recreational boaters, which has made it difficult for the Manatees to maintain their lifestyle and to reproduce properly.  As a result, SeaWorld works diligently to help rescue these large animals, many of which are quite young.


Upon entering the exhibit, guests can watch the Manatees first from above.  This area is set up to mimic the natural wetlands in which Manatees are found.  From here, guests move down into a theater and watch a short film about conservation and protection of these slow-moving creatures.  Finally, guests enter the underwater viewing area where the Manatees can be watched as they swim among the fish that share the space with them.


For guests wishing to learn more about the Manatees, they can utilize the interactive touch screens located throughout the exhibit.  In addition, a great photo opportunity can be found at the exit of the exhibit.  Here, guests can take a great keepsake photo of themselves next to a sculpture of a Manatee and her baby.