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Maharajah Jungle Trek


The Maharajah Jungle Trek symbolizes the Indian custom of returning temples and palaces to nature for the good of the creatures of the Earth. On this walking tour, guests observe a hunting lodge and palace ruins, which now serve as the homes for tigers. The surroundings, which are created to replicate a rainforest, are similar to those found in India, Nepal, Indonesia, and Thailand.


Before entering the Royal Forest, guests can pick up a brochure describing the wildlife to be encountered. One of the best animals sites is that of the Komodo Dragon, which is the world’s largest lizard. It can be spotted in a rocky pit near a waterfall.


Among the creatures to be spotted further along the Trek is the black and white Malayan Tapir, which is the relative of both the horse and the rhinoceros and Asian Tigers. The best time to view the tigers is in the early morning, when they are most active. Elds Deer and Blackbuck can be found in a grazing area behind the tigers.


The Bat Cliffs, which contains 32 bats, can be observed inside a brightly painted hut that is designed to resemble an Indonesian community hall. In fact, some of the viewing areas do not have glass panes or wire coverings – but the bats can’t get through because they have a 6 foot wingspan!


The "Red Pavilion," which is a domed mausoleum with a Mughal style, is the landmark indicating exotic birds are near. Some of these birds are tree dwellers, while others prefer the ground – or even the mud! Guests can enjoy watching white-rumped shamas, Palawan peacock pheasants, Indian rollers, fruit doves, King Parrots, masked plovers, and many other bird species while in this area.


Guests can also enjoy viewing Siamangs along the Trek. These creatures can be found swinging overhead from tower to tower. They are the loudest land mammal and their hoots can often be heard along the Trek. In fact, their vocal sac can actually inflate to the size of their head, making it possible to hear them up to 2 miles away!


All areas within the trek have multiple viewing areas, so if one area is crowded, move to another to get a better view. While the wildlife is the main attraction, however, visitors should take time to appreciate the crumbling ruins and murals. The murals tell stories of royal hunts, and some are even trimmed in gold. The murals are created to look old, but one hunter with a turban actually has a Hidden Mickey for an earring!


In addition, the formal herb garden is filled with sweet scents, including honeysuckle and jasmine. Bright pennants hang about, as well, each of which represents a religious culture of northern Asia. In addition, costumed Cast Members can be found throughout the half mile long trek. They can answer any questions that guests might have.


The entire Trek is wheelchair accessible.