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Lucy: A Tribute


Lucy: A Tribute is a must-see for all fans of Lucille Ball, particularly those that adored her hit show "I Love Lucy."


Within the Lucy: A Tribute attraction, guests can view a number of clips from her famous show.  Guests can also view costumes and scripts from an up close and personal view.  Memorabilia from other areas of Lucy's professional life, including commercials and movies, are also on display.


In addition to memorabilia from her show, guests can view rarely seen home movies that capture a glimpse of Lucy's personal life as well as other memorabilia. The majority of the memorabilia is set up in an interactive display, making it far more interesting and fun for the young and old alike.


For those that feel as if they know a great deal about Lucille Ball (and even for those that don't but that would like to learn) there is also an area dedicated to a Lucy trivia game.